Trampoline and Tumbling

Tumbling and Trampoline (T&T) is the perfect sport for bold high flyers who want to jump, somersault, twist and enjoy being airborne. Whether you bounce on a trampoline, the double mini tramp or flip down the tumble track, the fundamental skills are the same as gymnastics and lead on to an amazing awareness of where your body is in space. Here at GSSA your child can take their trampoline and tumbling gymnastics as a fun friendly sport all the way up to an international level and Olympic career!

​​At GSSA we have our own award schemes, which provide the foundations for teaching high quality gymnastics in a fun friendly & progressive way. We have badge week at the end of each term as well as fun and friendly in class competition.​

GSSA offers three Trampoline and Tumbling classes for both boys and girls. Our T&T Recreational program runs for 1 hour and 30 minutes and teaches the fundamentals of the sport to child aged 5 years and up. We also have a 2 hour T&T Advanced Recreational class which is for more experienced gymnasts that are working towards more advanced skills.

Our T&T Levels Programme is for gymnasts who are at Level 4 and above.  Gymnasts can choose to compete or just attend these classes for fun.