​​​Rhythmic Gymnastics is the perfect sport for any child who has a love for dance and creativity. The routines are choreographed to music involving, body elements, acro and dance combined with the handling of hand apparatus including a rope, ball, hoop, clubs and ribbon. Here at GSSA your child can express themselves in our rhythmic program from a fundamental level all the way through to an International and Olympic level. 

The development gymnasts work on Foundation 1 and 2 routines and are assessed in class by their coaches within in house competitions.

They are required to train once a week for 2 hours. 

From level 3 - 10 gymnasts are working towards external competitions including State Levels Championship, National Clubs Championships and Australian National Championships. Depending on the level of the gymnast depends on the amount of days and hours of training. Classes run for 2 - 4 hours, 2 -  3 days a week.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Squad Classes