Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a child that has already attended GSSA am I entitled to a Free Trial when returning or swapping classes?

No, I'm afraid not. Unless it was a Birthday Party, Holiday Gym or a Holiday Clinic you have already had your free trial through GSSA. You will be invoiced for the classes you attended.

How do you pay for classes at GSSA.

On your return after your Free trial class, we use Direct Debit via your bank account or Credit Card at GSSA, however fees can be paid at the front desk in Cash, or Eftpos, Visa and MasterCard before your Direct Debit is due. 

Can I pay weekly?

Yes, as long as you pay at the front desk before your direct debit is due.

Do I get a discount for siblings in my household if I have more than 1 child attending classes?

Yes, at GSSA every sibling attending classes at GSSA receives a 10% discount on their classes. The least expensive class gets the discount. There is no discount on Insurance & Registration, Holiday Gym or Workshops during the school Holidays.

How often is Insurance & Registration Paid?

Registration & Insurance is a once a year fee of $65.00 Starting on the 1st of January and covers the athlete till year end. (31st December) This needs to be paid when signing up to your classes.

If your Gymnast competes outside GSSA she will need to have competition Insurance which is $100/year.

Greater Sydney Sports Academy (GSSA) is a Gymnastics Australia affiliated club, and our coaches are accredited under Gymnastics Australia and a member of Gymnastics NSW. All our coaches including assistant and Junior Coaches do their Senior First Aid.

I was with another affiliated Gymnastics Australia club and have already paid Insurance for the year, do I have to pay it again?

No you don't, your insurance is attached to the gymnast for the year no matter what club they are training with.

What shall my gymnast wear for their free trial?

Leotard preferably but if you don't have a leotard or tight comfortable clothes such as bike shorts, crop top with T-shirt over the top or Leggings/Tights. Please also bring socks for using on the Trampolines. 

Hair also must be tied up and off their face for their own safety. Pony tail for short hair , bun, or braided is also acceptable. Hair touching the floor in a handstand is a hazard.

A bottle of water is also advisable.

Uniform for Classes. 

GSSA is a Leotard compulsory gym. 

Girls:We ask all gymnasts to be in our Gym colours Black, White, Silver/Grey and of course Purple. You can purchase these at our gym or a black Leotard from Big W or Target is also acceptable. Shorts and Tights are optional. 

Socks are also compulsory for using the Trampolines. If no socks are brought to class $10 will be added to your account and GSSA socks will be given to your gymnast. Other wise the gymnasts train in bare feet.

Hair also must be tied up and off their face is for their own safety. Pony tail for short hair , bun, or braided is acceptable. Hair touching the floor in a handstand is a hazard. 

Boys: We ask all gymnasts to be in our Gym colours Black, White, Silver/Grey and of course Purple. You can purchase these at our gym. T-Shirt or Tank Top with Shorts is also acceptable. 

Socks are also compulsory for using the Trampolines. If no socks are brought to class $10 will be added to your account and GSSA socks will be given to your gymnast. Other wise the gymnasts train in bare feet.

If Boys have hair in their eyes or long hair it must be tied back.

Competition UniformIs only relevant for gymnasts who represent GSSA outside our gym. Prices and Uniform is available at the front desk. We do have limited number of 2nd Hand options so please do ask. 

My daughter is in your Rhythmic Programme can I go and buy them equipment to use at home or in the gym?

No. GSSA purchases club equipment from rhythmic gymnastics retailers. Our policy states that all gymnasts in the rhythmic program must have the same equipment until they reach the mid to high levels.(Level 5+).  Equipment purchased from online websites such as eBay or gumtree is often of questionable quality and not approved by the Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG). In the event you have already purchased equipment that is not GSSA club equipment, you will be required to purchase GSSA equipment before entering in competitions. Please see Mel or the front desk to buy equipment.

Do you sell gymnastic shoes at GSSA?

Yes we do sell Trampoline, DMT, Toe, Ballet and Jazz shoes at GSSA please see the front desk to purchase.

What age can my child start in Kindergym? 

Our Kindergym ages start from 18 months - School age. We have 2 different aged classes. Tumble Tots is for children aged 18 months - 3.5 years, and our Kindy Rec class is for 3.5 years to school age.

My child has just started school this year. Which class would you recommend?

The 3.30pm - 4.30pm Recreational class is our recommendation. These classes have a younger age range from school age - 7 years old. This is a fun and friendly class that works towards the fundamentals of gymnastics. 

My child would like to learn bars and beam. What class is best?

Recreational Gymnastics is the best class for beginner bars and beams. In this program they will learn the fundamental movement patterns and skills on bars, beam, floor, vault, trampoline and rhythmic gymnastics. 

Do you offer trampoline classes for beginners? 

Yes we do. We have a trampoline and tumbling recreational class that runs from 4.00pm - 5.30pm. In this class they will learn the basics of both trampoline and tumbling, which include; jumping, twisting, rolls, cartwheels, and routine work. 

My child wants to learn to flip. Do you have a class for this? 

If your child is more advanced then our recreational trampoline and tumbling class, then we would suggest our advanced recreational trampoline and tumbling class. Here they will extend their skill development and understanding further to learn roundoff, flips, somersaults, baranis, front handsprings and much more. 

If your child only wants to learn a ‘trick’ or two, then our Acro Tumbling workshops are best suited. These are held in the school holidays for 3 hours, and the main focus is to teach somersaults, flips, baranis and all the ‘cool stuff’ your child watches on youtube.

My child would like to do competitions and take their gymnastics more seriously. What is the next step? 

All our gym sports at GSSA have a competitive pathway. 

Each discipline, Rhythmic, Trampoline and Tumbling, and Women’s Artistic have a foundation/development squad. In this program they will learn the level 1 and 2 skills and routines set by Gymnastics Australia, and compete within in-house competitions throughout the year. The age range of these classes are 4.5 years - 7 years and train a minimum of 2 hours a session, once a week. 

The next step on the competition pathway is Level 3/Pre Age classes. Here they will further their development in their chosen sport to go on to local friendly competitions with the goal of competing at State Levels Championships. The age range for this class is 7 - 9+ year olds and train between 2 -3 hours a session, twice a week. 

Level 4+/ Pre Age/ Age and Elite squads work towards State Championships, National Clubs Championships and The Australian National Championships. Some of our gymnasts are working on their International career and hope to compete for Australia. The age range for these classes are from 7 years old - late teens/ early twenties. Training times and days vary between the gym sports and level. 

Do you offer a class where my child can learn routines, but doesn't have to compete?

Yes we do! We offer Levels classes within Trampoline and Tumbling and Women's Artistic. These classes allows the gymnast to develop their skills and routines to a more advanced level without the commitment of competitions. If they would like to compete they can, but it is not compulsory in this class. 

What is Trampoline and Tumbling?

Trampoline and Tumbling also known as T&T consists of 4 apparatus. These are individual trampoline, synchronised trampoline, double mini trampoline and tumbling. The fundamental skills are the same as gymnastics and lead to an amazing awareness of the body within space. Here at GSSA your child can take their trampoline and tumbling gymnastics as a fun friendly sport all the way up to and international level and Olympic career.

What is Women’s Artistic Gymnastics?

Women’s Artistic also known as WAG consists of bars, beam, floor and vault. Most associate this discipline with the Olympics. Gymnasts will learn a combination of acrobatics, tumbling and dance elements perform on beam and floor, explosive movements on the vault, and swinging, circling and transitional movements on bars.

What is Rhythmic Gymnastics? 

Rhythmic gymnastics also known as RG is the perfect sport for any child who has a love for dance and creativity. The routines are choreographed to music involving, body elements, acro and dance combined with the handling of hand apparatus including a rope, ball, hoop, clubs and ribbon. 

What is Team Gym? 

TeamGym is a team competition for men and women, which includes routines being performed on three pieces of apparatus; floor, single mini and tumbling. TeamGym routines require effective teamwork, excellent technique and spectacular acrobatic elements to music. Training and competitions generate an excellent team spirit amongst gymnasts with routines providing great entertainment and spectacle for participants and spectators. At GSSA, all of our gymsports (T&T, Rhythmic and WAG) come together and train to form our teams. 

What is GSSA's Cancelation Policy?

If a gymnast wishes to withdraw from classes 2 weeks notice must be given. You will be charged for those 2 weeks whether they attend or not. After this you will no longer be invoiced.

GSSA will cancel classes if the weather goes above 40 Degrees as it is a hazard and dangerous to train in these conditions. GSSA will offer a credit for those classes if we have had to cancel.